Study Looks at Patient Satisfaction After Facelift

Women and men who undergo facial rejuvenation surgery can experience a significant reduction in apparent age, as well as an improvement in self-esteem and quality of life, according to a study appearing in the next Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.

“Patient satisfaction and the effects of surgery on quality of life are the most important determinants of surgical success,” writes plastic surgeon Eric Swanson M.D.  To evaluate these outcomes, the doctor interviewed 93 patients during a follow-up appointment one month after facial rejuvenation.

All patients had a deep plane facelift, but part of the group had also undergone brow lift, endoscopic brow lift and blepharoplasty during the same operation. The group ranged in age from 35 – 52 years.

After patient interviews, the doctor evaluated the results and published the following positive statistics:

  • 96.7 percent said they looked younger after surgery (average 11.9 years younger) and the results met their expectations (40 percent said it exceeded expectations).
  • 93.5 percent said they would recommend facial rejuvenation to others
  • 82.8 percent reported improved self-esteem and 69.6 percent reported improved quality of life.

An abstract of this study is available on Pubmed or through the ASPS journal.

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