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About Fran:

Fran Johnson, Licensed Massage Therapist, member of American Massage Therapy Association, earned her degree at Miller-Motte College in Charleston, SC, in 2006, and was licensed in 2007, by the State of Georgia Board of Massage Therapy. Fran recently joined the practice of Dr. Meghan McGovern, MD, and staff at Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery, in Statesboro, Ga. She is an experienced massage therapist and enjoys working with her clients to aid them in relaxation, stress relief, pain management, etc. Fran works with a wide variety of clients to include: clients who need massage for general relaxation, clients with fibromyalgia and/or myo-fascial disorder, clients
w/ chronic pain, athletes, with and without injury(s), foot reflexology, and cancer patients/pre and post-surgical patients/Mom’s-to-be (all three with doctor’s note). Fran specializes in Swedish, Therapeutic (Deep Tissue), Sports, Maternity, Chronic Pain, and Massage for Fibromyalgia/Myo-fascial Disorder, and Pre-Post Surgical Massage. She also enjoys using aromatherapy and Energy (Chakra) Therapy. Call or go online to schedule an appointment or consultation w/Fran in our Statesboro office. You can also e-mail Fran with questions about massage, aromatherapy or energy therapy at

Our Services:

Therapeutic Massage – A therapeutic massage, very specific to areas of the body that have been causing chronic pain from over exertion, injury, or postural imbalances. Deep tissue and trigger point therapies are used to release knots, contracted and tense muscle tissue. Communication between the therapist and the person receiving the massage is essential to get maximum results.

30 minutes – $45                       60 minutes – $75

Swedish Massage – A relaxing massage using long, soothing strokes to relax the mind, body and spirit. Swedish massage is used particularly to allow the body to absorb more oxygen, thereby rejuvenating the body. Swedish massage is also geared towards detoxification by increasing the speed by which the cells of the body eliminate their waste materials.

30 minutes – $40                       60 minutes – $65

Mama-to-be Massage – Designed for the mother-to-be, this massage is received in the side-lying position with plenty of pillow support. This soothing massage is very relaxing and extremely helpful for the aches and pains common in pregnancy.

*For second and third trimesters only. *Must have doctors’ permission.

60 minutes – $70

Sports Massage – Many of the strokes used in sports massage stem from the classic Swedish massage, but the application of the strokes is where the difference lies. A Sports massage will be deeper, more vigorous, more intense, and will require more participation from the client; this is not a passive form of bodywork.

60 minutes – $75                       75 minutes – $90

**Chair Massage – A massage sitting in a special, portable massage chair. The client remains fully clothed and no oils are used while their shoulders, neck, upper back, head, and arms are massaged. A perfect solution for tension relief when time is short.

** This massage is only offered at preplanned events, such as bridal parties, Botox parties, etc.

15 minutes – $15                        30 minutes – $30

Reflexology – The practice of reflexology dates back to ancient China, Egypt, and Peru where pressure points on the feet were used for healing the body. It is great for relieving stress, relaxing tension, improving circulation, and assisting the body to achieve a state of balance.

35 minutes add-on – $40         60 minutes – $75

Dry Brushing Exfoliation – An effective stimulus that assists the circulatory and lymphatic systems in releasing wastes. While removing dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities the skin is encouraged to secrete its natural oils, leaving its surface soft and glowing. An essential oil infused lotion application finishes this treatment leaving the skin fully hydrated. (Take home dry-brush included with service)

60 minutes – $75

Body Polish – Rejuvenate and revive the mind and body with an exfoliating apricot scrub that aids in removing dead surface cells, dirt, and impurities. The treatment is completed by an essential oil infused lotion application that will leave your body soft and glowing. (Jenny)

60 minutes – $85

Salt Glow – This signature treatment combines the natural “anti-oxidant” benefits of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Mineral Sea Salts for a full body exfoliation to smooth and soften the skin. Complementing the treatment is an essential oil infused lotion application that will leave your skin fully hydrated and glowing. (Jenny)

60 minutes – $85

Algotherapy (Seaweed Body Masque) – Detoxify, re-mineralize, and revitalize the mind and the body with this exquisite treatment. After your body is dry exfoliated to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system, warm sea algae is smoothed onto your skin. Following, you are enveloped in a warm cocoon-like wrap to retain heat and activate absorption, and then complemented by an essential oil infused full body lotion application.

75 minutes – $100

Aromatherapy Body Wrap – A deeply therapeutic beginning with a full body dry exfoliation, followed by an intensely hydrating application of blended essential oils. You will then drift off wrapped in a cocoon-like enclosure accompanied by a relaxing and rejuvenating scalp massage.

60 minutes – $85

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