Summertime and the Living is Not So Easy for Rosacea Sufferers

Does summertime mean fun in the sun? Not if you are one of the estimated over 16 million Americans who suffer from the facial skin di­sorder, rosacea. According to a prominent recent survey by the National Rosacea Society, warm weather and sun exposure can exacerbate the condition. Hot tub sound like a relaxing indulgence? Again, rosacea can make the elevated temps and bubbling water a flare-up opportunity. In fact, many summer leisure-time activities can be on the list of flare-up triggers. Both steam and dry saunas, tanning beds, grills, bonfires, and even heavy exercise can worsen rosacea symptoms.

Can you still enjoy your summer with worries about heat-triggered flare-ups? Yes, with the right precautions, says noted professor of dermatology, Dr. Joseph Bikowski. First, see a professional for treatment options and therapy recommendations. Secondly, do all you can to stay as cool as possible. Wearing a broad-brimmed hat and avoiding sun exposure during the peak heat hours (from 10AM to 2 PM) as well as applying sunscreen with sufficient SPF all year round are necessities.

You might also be able to reduce flushing by sucking on ice chips, using a personal fan and bathing in cooler water during the summer.  In addition, the doctor recommends keeping a diary of how and where flare-ups occur in order to learn the environmental causes that exacerbate your personal condition. Many rosacea sufferers agree that flare-ups can often be prevented with attention to these details.

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