Ethnic Groups Prefer Different Cosmetic Procedures

The face of the American plastic surgery industry is becoming more diversified and multi-ethnic as more than one-third of Americans now identify themselves as members of minority groups, according to a recent article in the New York Times.

In ethnic enclaves like New York City, where white people have been a minority for many years, a number of niche markets are popping up, and they are getting increased attention from the Big Apple’s plastic surgeons.

From its beginnings, cosmetic surgery was often used to conceal ethnic identities in order to blend in. Many European Jews had nose jobs to look “more American” in the early 20th century. These days, however, more people are celebrating their unique heritage and specific features with more customized procedures.

People want the results of their surgeries to appeal to their cultural beliefs and take advantage of their natural lines and shapes. Women often want to emulate celebrities from their own groups, such as the wide-eyed Korean pop star Lee Hyori, or the full-breasted Mexican singer Thalía.

Standard procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction are popular across all groups, but certain less popular procedures have become heavily favored by ethnic groups. According to the Times article, here are some of the preferences that have emerged in New York’s diverse clientele:

  • Italian women have procedures done on their knees to show off their smooth legs in miniskirts.
  • Recent Chinese immigrants accentuate their earlobes, but reduce their nostrils.
  • Latinas accentuate their natural curves with breast and buttocks implants.
  • Double-eyelid surgery, which makes the eye look rounder and more visible, is a popular procedure among Asians.
  • Chinatown Koreans often want their jaw lines slimmed.
  • Breast enlargement is very popular among Russian women in Brooklyn.

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