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How Breast Augmentation Patients Differ By Geography

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

breast-augment-georgiaDo women in different geographical areas have different needs or goals for breast augmentation? They might, according to a study in the Winter 2010 issue of the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery, which explores the “physical characteristics and implant details” of breast augmentation patients in different locations.

Breast augmentation cases from Texas, British Columbia and California were assessed. Among the different patient groups, the authors (Janae L Maher et. al) found significant differences in average weight, body mass index and breast implant volume. They also checked for differences in height, age and parity (breast symmetry).

According to results of the study, the average patient in British Columbia was 33 years old with a BMI of 20.8 and a 389ml implant. In California, she was 32 years old with a BMI of 21.6 and a 385ml implant.

Patients in Texas were, on average, slightly older at age 36 with an (slightly higher) average BMI of 22.6. The Texas group also seemed to show preference for a significantly smaller implant of 335 ml.

This article is currently available for free via the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery.

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