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How Common is Breast Asymmetry?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Size discrepancy between the breasts is actually quite common. Most women exhibit at least some minor asymmetry, while others have as much as a cup size difference or more. In severe cases, a woman may experience difficulty finding the right bra and may be very embarrassed by her condition.

A new study in the European Journal of Plastic Surgery explains the details of over 300 breast augmentation patients and the prevalence of breast and chest asymmetry among that group.

The author, Umar Daraz Khan, found that breasts were symmetrical in only 53.5% of the cases, and the left breast was more often larger than the right breast.  Because the asymmetry often stems from a chest wall deformity, the author measured for that as well, finding “thoracic deformities or asymmetries” in over 8% of the patients. Of the 312 breast augmentation patients treated, the doctor used different sized breast implants in 9% of them.

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